Sunday, December 18, 2016

Xbox One receives update to speed up downloads

Xbox One users rejoice! Download speeds have been increased to help deliver our digital downloads quite a bit quicker. Xbox announced on December 14th that an update was pushing out to users to help increase download speeds for players. If you have a high-speed connection with 100Mbs or greater you will see up to 80% faster download speeds. If your connection falls below that you will see up to 40% faster download speeds. Background downloads should now work more resiliently towards intermittent connectivity issues.

Also rolled into this update are some fixes for controller performance, background music performance, and general performance/stability performance. It looks like this update is not limited to just the preview group and should be going out to all users. Looks to be an exciting update for just about everyone.

My Take: I have a roughly 20Mbs connection and my Xbox One is hardwired. So when I got home to download 2GB patch for Destiny I was pretty bummed to see that it was only downloading at a rate of 3Mbs. Needless to say I did not play that night. This update could not be more welcome in my household. Thanks Microsoft!